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Thyme Roasted Carrots

There is no denying that we are TOTAL #CarrotSnobs – sorry, not sorry. There is really nothing more soul destroying than a boiled carrot, yes, devoid of flavour, diminished in colour & depleted in nutrients, they are little, if anything, to offer. SO we say, eat’em raw, grated, steamed (at a push) OR follow the below a veryyy simple yet…

Meat / Fish / Recipes

Prawn Pasta & 1 mega Homemade Pesto

An easy throw together – a 5 ingredient pesto with some Greens / Shellfish and Pasta – what more comforting a bowl of food could you want?! Ingredients: 30g Rocket 75g Cherry Tomatoes Juice & zest of half a Lemon 2 cloves of Garlic 5tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 200g Quinoa or Brown Rice Pasta Himalayan Salt & black Pepper…

Meat / Fish / Recipes

Roasted Partridge with mixed Veggies

The perfect meal for two, and on a budget, very cost effective: Ingredients: 1 Partridge 1tbsp Coconut Oil ½ Lemon / Apple (Optional) ½ Butternut Squash 1 Red Onion 1 Sweet Potato 2 Carrots 3 Cloves Garlic Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper Instructions: Whack the oven on to 180°C Meanwhile slice up your Veggies – we sliced up ours into…

Recipes / Savoury Snacks

BNS / Tom / Pinto Bean dip

Ingredients: 200g Pinto Beans ½ Butternut Squash (BNS) 150g Cherry / Vine Tomatoes 1tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) 2tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper Instructions: Place the Pinto Beans (with a piece of Kombu if you have it) in a dish with triple the amount of water, to soak overnight / for 12 hours Replace the…