So, who are the Sugar Free Sibz?

We are a couple of Sisters from Scotland. Obsessed with cooking, nourishing & all things ‘free sugar’ free #UnintentinalTongueTwister. We have spent a significant part of the past ten years working as private chefs across the globe, from Scotland, London, Greece, France, Italy and all the way to Maine. Currently, one of us is studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine to become a Nutritional Therapist, the other has just completed IIN to become a holistic Health Coach – so we’d say dedicated to the foodie / nutritional cause, that’s for sure.

How did it all begin?

As ever, it wasn’t a one-off serendipitous moment, so long-story short, along our culinary way, we ended up with a copy of I Quit Sugar (by Sarah Wilson) and this sugary text; Sweet Poison by David Gillespie, two books that completely revolutionised our perception of a healthy lifestyle, #ForReal. Reducing our consumption of ‘free sugars‘ has not only improved our digestive health (one of us suffered badddly from IBS), mental attitude, thoughts on food but crucially the way we look and feel, we’re addicted.


What’s the aim?

Our aim is very simple, we’d like to inform – before embarking on this ‘free sugar’ free journey we had NO idea about the contents of many day-to-day foodstuffs, nor the effects they had on our bodies – and OMG it was eye-opening. We dig this, we’re nerds about Glucose & Fructose, so in all honesty the dream situ = share some well researched and documented facts, open some eyes, break some habits, spread the sugar free lovin’ and get people in their kitchens cooking nutritious, delicious and real food (aka #SFSDelights 😉).

FYI in case you’re confused by the ‘free sugar’ jargon, check out our little explanation heresugar is quite literally unavoidable, so it is common practise to refer to the sugars we’re referring to & trying to cut down on as; ‘free sugars’ – it’s a bit mind-boggling but we hope that our little spiel will make sense of the sugary minefield…

Still not convinced?

We get you – this isn’t for everyone, but the fact of the matter is we love food, we love cooking and based on the countless publications, research papers & articles written, (namely WHO recommending that we reduce our intake of free sugar to less than 10% (or better still 5%) of total energy intake), we wanted to combine our passion along with our take on an epic, balanced & predominantly plant based lifestyle, with a bunch of pretty simplicious & versatile recipes.

The pleasure we get from cooking, inventing, reinventing & sharing our creations with friends (& our poor flatmate who who has to trial our creations pretty much everyday 😉 ) is so great that we want others to experience the joy. Eating as a collective is such a primal and integral part of our evolution, sitting around the table, with a spread of (mostly) seasonal dishes, surrounded by loved ones makes for a truly entertaining and gratifying occasion – every single time.

We gotta add though, we’re not saying that on occasion we don’t veer from the above philosophy, who doesn’t love a glass of Vin Rouge, an imported Pineapple and the occasional TV dinner?! Plus one of us has a penchant for the odd espresso martini and the other can’t turn down our 90 year old Granny’s Brandy Butter #IrresistibleIsAnUnderstatement – but that’s the point, there are no rules in life (sure, let’s not get pernickety and talk about the judicial system here). The point is, let’s just try to be a little more mindful when it comes to where our food comes from, what it’s paired with, how it’s cooked, how we eat it and MOST importantly let’s ensure that it tastes darrrrrn delicious!