Not on overly complex series of dishes, however, a very important selection none the less.


2/3 fill a narrow sauce pan with boiling water and keep the heat on medium/high. Pop the 1st Egg on a spoon, dunk in & out of the water, then place it in the water and leave gently bubbling. Repeat with all your Eggs until all submerged. Pop the timer on, 4 minutes for runny, 5 for medium & 6.5 for a hard yolk.

* The above four minute egg we served with a slice of toasted Sourdough, some wilted Greens & Roasted Toms.


½ fill a narrow sauce pan with boiling water and keep it on a gentle simmer. Crack the 1st Egg (the fresher the eggs the better) into a ramekin or small cup, then bring the water down to a gentle simmer. With a spoon stir the water to create a bit of a current and pour the Egg into the middle – if poaching more than 1 then allow the water to settle and gently pour in the others around the edge. Pop the timer on, 2 minutes for runny, 3 for medium & 4 for a hard yolk.

* The above we served with a baked Sweet Potato, some Samphire, Rocket, Cabbage & a lush bowl of our homemade Pesto.


The easiest of our humble Egg options. In a saucepan add ½ tsp of Ghee or Coconut Oil per Egg, so 1tsp for 2 etc. Turn the heat on, allow to melt & on a medium heat crack your Egg into the pan (feel free to crack into a ramekin or small cup if you’re cracking skills aren’t up to much). Fry until the White is white in colour & if you’d like your Yolk well cooked then flip it for 30 seconds.

* The above we served on a bed of Spinach, some Smoked Mackerel & a slice of Rye Toast.

** One final point, we always try and go Organic when we buy our Eggs, the deeper darker Orange the Yolk often the better quality Egg you’re getting – they’re such a perfectly rich source of protein & other essential Vitamins that it’s worth getting the best quality your bucks can buy.