Spatchcock just means ‘flattened’ – it sounds a lot more complex that it is, but honestly you just slice through the bone, spread it out, be a bit caveman’y about it and cover it in spices! If you like game, yet aren’t really sure h0w to cook it – then this is for you, it’s guaranteed juicy, crispy, flavourful meat with minimal effort.


2 Wood Pigeon

2 large Onions

2 Lemons

1 heaped tsp Paprika

1 hearted tsp Cumin

1tbsp Coconut / Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper


  • Whack the oven on to 180oC
  • Using a sharp knife slice down the back bone of the bird, the knife will automatically fall to one side of the bone, then slice along the other until you hit the cavity. At the base the bones may be a little trickier to slice through, so feel free to man-handle and break the bones with your fingers. Repeat with the other bird then spread them both out on a Roasting Tray
  • Slice each Onion into 6 wedges and the Lemons into quarters
  • Sprinkle the Paprika and Cumin over the skin of the birds, be generous, if it isn’t coated add another half teaspoon
  • Then top with the oil, if using Coconut then evenly distribute over the bird with a teaspoon before topping with a good sprinkle of Salt & Pepper
  • Pop in the oven for 25 minutes
  • Remove, use a large spoon to spread the juices over the bird
  • Pop back in the oven for another 25 minutes
  • Serve with Wild Rice / Quinoa / Salad / more roasted Veg or a combo like this #Here’sOneWeDidEarlier !

Serves: 4