Gremolata – sounds a little bit more sexy than just ‘dip’ we thought… A yum and very easy concoction that can be slathered over your toast, dipped in to with Veggies, on toast, with Fish or just eaten of the spoon should you have a savoury craving.


100g Pine Nuts

330g Jar of Green Olives (c. 160g drained)

1jar (100g) Anchovies in Olive Oil

2 Garlic Cloves

¼ tsp Chili

Handful of Parsley (optional)

Black Pepper


  • In a blender whizz the Pine Nuts for 30 seconds or so
  • Add all of the remaining ingredients (ensure the Olives are pitted & include the Oil from the Anchovy jar) until a good ‘dip’ consistency is formed
  • Voila!

Makes: 1 Jar (will keep in the fridge for a few weeks)