If you prefer to eat your Kiwis without their skins, then be sure you don’t chuck those furry morsels away 😉


2 Kiwi skins

4 tsp soaked Chia Seeds (liquid part & seeds only)

8 tsp Hemp Seeds

8 tsp Flax Seeds


  • Line a small roasting tray with Baking Parchment
  • In a liquidiser add the skin and soaked Chia, whizz up, stir to ensure everything is well combined & whizz again until no lumps remain
  • Then stir in the Hemp & Flax before spreading out evenly & thinly on the roasting tray
  • With a knife gently score the mixture into small bitesize squares
  • Cook for 1½ hrs at 90oC, allow to cool on a wire rack and slice up with a sharp knife

Makes: 32 squares (or 16 if larger)