Can be eaten hot or cold, with Pasta, a Crudite, a Rice / Pea / Carrot Salad or stuffed in a Mushroom – a very simple yet versatile side dish, that will keep for multiple uses over a few days.


250g Peas

50g Brazil Nuts

6tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 Large Sprigs Mint

2 Lemons (Zest & Juice)

2 Handfuls Spinach

Salt & Pepper


  • Whack the Kettle on, add to a pan with the Peas and when simmering drain & put to the side
  • Meanwhile, in a liquidiser add the Nuts and blend twice for 15 seconds, before adding the rest of the ingredients
  • Whizz up for a minute, give a stir, ensure everything is well combined, whizz again and serve

Serves: 4-6