Who knew you could get 1 of your 5 Veggies a day in your Mackerel Pate?! All you need is some Fish, some Veggies and that’s about it.


220g Smoked Mackerel

120g cooked Beetroot (2 large bulbs)

Handful Parsley

1tbsp Capers

1 Lemon, Zest & Juice

2tsp Horseradish (optional, but adds a good kick)

Salt & Pepper


  • Remove the skin of the Mackerel if need be, pop in a liquidiser with the Beetroot, Parsley, Capers, Lemon + a good dash of Salt & Pepper
  • Whizz up for a minute, give a stir, ensure everything is well combined, whizz again and serve!

Serves: 4