We’ve rustled together a couple of items that most of us either love, eat everyday or buy by default (almost) every time we hit the supermarkets & funnily enough ūüėČ we’ve chosen a few foodstuffs that one wouldn’t necessarily associate with being full of the sweet stuff… If you’ve got this far, read on:

First up: that trusty staple on e v e r y¬†cupboard shelf – but WHY oh WHY do we love it so much? Are we a little bit addicted? Does it make unpalatable food palatable? Who knows, for some the jury is most definitely in, yet many are happy chilling on the fence, one thing’s for sure – it is literally bursting with sugar #SorryToBreakTheNewsGuys. Although we’re fully aware that one doesn’t normally consume a whole bottle in one sitting, there are alternatives; A) go without & enjoy the taste of your food, B) make your own, and if that won’t suffice then C) there is one pretty sweet (no pun intended) option out there, like¬†THIS fairly luscious v. low sugar option (10g per 100g), #InventedByTheDoctorHimself.


Next up: Sweet & Sour Uncle B’s – it looks like this ‘celery’ & ‘pepper’ filled portion looks a little more sweet than sour #WhoLikesOrangeLablesAnyway? #InspiredByEasyJet? Clearly.


And now: we’ve all seen this info-graphic – but laying out the cubes next to this teeny tiny tub was even a shock to us #GeezLouise – is there even any space left for a Hazelnut?


And next: #TheCinemaMustHave – POPpopPOPcorn, that luscious empty calorie snack, it’s so light and LOOK how few calories there are – whoohooo!! OH BUT WAIT, 1 calorie = 1 calorie no matter from what foodstuff isn’t actually relevant any longer is it? Looks like this low cal snack isn’t quite so air poppingly healthy after all.


The humble Polo, that breath-freshening circle with the hole in the middle, well WHO knew it had THAT many cubes of the white stuff in, #EnoughToKeepAPonyHappyForDays.


Sure, we know chocolate is sugary – but 27 and three quarter cubes?!?!? Plus, it’s never really a¬†#TearAndShare bag is it – more like #OneBagForMe #OneBagForYou.


Next up, and probs the most mind boggling¬†– a GREEN smoothie – and although we fully appreciate that these sugars are from whole fruit that is still a biiig hit¬†to the ol’ liver. We vote #HaveAnApple #OrAKiwi instead.


And next a cheeky jus d’apple, the sweetener and base¬†in pretty much every juice out there. Ever wondered why? A¬†mere 300ml contains a staggering SEVEN cubes of sugar. We hear you cry; ‘yeah, whatever you Sibz, juices &¬†fruit are healthy’ – and you’d be TOTALLY correct, the vitamins and minerals obtained from whole fruit are quite literally #TheBomb – but take out all the pith / fibre / flesh and you’re left with some pretty sugary water with a hint of Vit C. Yet again #JustEatTheApple ūüėČ


It may be ‘gluten, wheat AND¬†dairy free’ – but it’s certainly not sugar free with over three cubes in these itsy bitsy bars below. We’d rather have the dairy option thanks! FYI 1 date =¬†over 60% sugar, so please #GoEasyOnThem.


The green label catches the eye, then you see the multitude of berries Рtherefore, surely eating one of these must just be like having a handful of Strawberries? #OrNot.


So, finally (and seriously, with¬†no offence against pret, coz they’ve bought out a tonne of epic¬†Veggie laden / bone brothy / organic goodies, BUT let’s choose wisely ok?! This ‘safe’ & potentially ‘healthy’ looking lunch is about as¬†void of sugar as a salt glacier is of salt #CheckTheLabel friends. . .


The point is GET cooking, know what¬†you’re eating and make sure it’s real. Wipe the dust of those swanky pans, use that Jamie Oliver Pestle & Mortar and get the gas burninggggg. Sugar is added to friggen¬†everything – it enhances flavour, it prolongs the shelf life and it excites the taste buds which in turn stimulates our neurotransmitters just like an injection of heroin (we’ve heard). We’re anti #BigSugar, the idea is to make you a little anti it too. ūüėČ

P.S. these stats were accumulated using the Sugar Smart App, an epic & super easy to use barcode phone scanner helping us all work out exactly how many cubes we may, or may not, be about to consume Рcheck out the website or download the FREEEE app: via Apple or Android.

P.P.S this post was compiled with the honey that is Milla Lascelles – check out her beautiful website here.