Make the night before, take to work & have over the course of two days – these little powerhouses are guaranteed to keep ya full until lunch!



40g Chia Seeds

½tsp Cinnamon

320g Mylk of your choice (regular / almond / hazelnut – we love Plenish)

1 inch piece of fresh Ginger

2 Apples


  • Put the Chia & Cinnamon in a bowl or jar and using a fork slowly add in the mylk, stirring constantly for the first few minutes to stop any lumps forming
  • In between thorough stirring, grate the Ginger and Apples before adding to the Chia/Mylk/Cinnamon mixture. Mix well
  • Leave to soak overnight or at least 2 hours before eating & serve with Cacao Nibs / a little homemade Granola / Yog / toasted Seeds / Roasted Nuts / fresh Berries / or you can even pop on an Oatcake with some Nut Butter

Serves: 2