The idea of this Salad is simply to emphasise that all leftovers can & should be combined & eaten! No matter what leftovers you have lurking in the fridge, you should definitely throw it all together, make a Tahini / Lemon or Pesto Dressing & enjoyyy;



2 handfuls of Kale

1/3 Cauliflower

¼ leftover roasted Butternut Squash

½ leftover roasted Aubergine

½ Courgette

Handful Peas

Coconut Oil

Tahini / Lemon Juice / Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Turmeric / Cumin / Curry Powder

Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper


  • Pop oven on to 180oC
  • Add a small tablespoon of Coconut Oil to a Roasting Tray, then add a dash of spice of your choice & some Salt & Pepper
  • Throw in some sliced Cauliflower & the Kale. Roast for 8 minutes
  • Meanwhile slice up the rest of the Veg & combine in a big mixing bowl, grate in raw Courgette (throw in a few Peas for good measure!)
  • Make a dressing with 1tbsp Tahini, 2tbsp Olive Oil or just a simple Lemon / Oil Combo in equal measures

Serves: 2 as a main