½ / 1 Celeriac

1tbsp Coconut Oil

1tsp Chilli Flakes

5 Sprigs Rosemary

Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper


  • Pop oven on to 180oC
  • Place the Celeriac on a large piece of baking parchment, top with the Oil, Chilli, Rosemary, Salt & Pepper before gathering edges of parchment paper & tying together with a little string, forming a parcel
  • Allow to bake for 1hr 20 minutes, 1hr 40 minutes if using a whole Celeriac
  • Serve sliced with other Veggie dishes, as a side to Roasted Meat or allow to cool and add to Salads / lunch boxes for the following day!

Serves: 3 – 8