Mixing the Root Veggies with some greens, this number is a great side dish to have with Fish or as a main



2 Beets

1 Sweet Potato

1 Parsnip (2 small ones)

1tbsp Coconut Oil

Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper

1/3 tin Coconut milk

1tsp Curry Powder

1tsp Turmeric

½ tsp Dried Ginger

2 handfuls Spinach

2tbsp Pine Nuts


  • Pop oven to 180oC
  • Pop the fresh Beetroot into a pan of water & bring to the boil, leave for at least 40 minutes or until the skin slides off easily
  • Slice the Sweet Potato into 8 long thin slices & the Parsnip into 4, top with the Coconut Oil & a dash of Salt & Pepper before roasting for 40 minutes in the oven
  • Meanwhile remove the skins from your Beets & slice into cubes
  • Pop the Veg to the side & make your dressing. In a small saucepan heat up your Coconut Milk, stir through the Curry Powder, Turmeric, Ginger & a good dash of Salt & Pepper until warm
  • Combine Spinach with the cooked Veg, cover with the dressing and top with a few dry roasted Pine Nuts

Serves: 2