A great way to use up your leftover Roast Chicken after a Sunday Lunch gathering…




½ Red Pepper

2 Garlic Cloves

2 stalks Rosemary

1 Egg

50g Oats (gluten free if preferred)

Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper

400g Cooked Chicken

Beetroot & Red Pepper Sauce  – make a big batch and save some for another time;

3 Beetroot (cooked)

2½ Peppers

1 Red Onion

½ Cup Stock

3 Courgettes / 500 Spaghetti


  • Whack the oven up to 180°C
  • Pop 2½ Peppers & the Onion in to roast for 40 mins. (Boil your Beetroot from cold for 40 mins at this age too if yours are raw)
  • Pop the other ½ pepper in a blender & blitz with the Garlic, Rosemary, Egg, Oats, Salt & Pepper. When it resembles a paste like consistency add in your cooked Chicken and blitz ensuring the mix is well chopped & combined. (If your blender is a little small do this in batches)
  • Shape the mixture into c. 20 balls and bake with some extra Rosemary for 15 minutes
  • Meanwhile spiralise the Courgettes and boil quickly for 2 mins or boil your Spaghetti until al dente
  • Then blend the Beetroot with the roasted Peppers and Onion plus Stock and more seasoning. Coat your Courgetti or Spaghetti in the sauce and serve piping hot with the Meatballs

Serves: 6


Before & after…