You’ve made some Roasted & Spiced Cauliflower or perhaps a little Cauli rice – well here’s what to do with the outside leaves – instead of throwing them away – because it’s all about being sustainable where we can and using every last morsel.



Leaves of 1 Cauliflower

1tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper


1 Ripe Avocado

50g Spinach

½tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Whack the oven to 180°C
  • Chop the Cauliflower Leaves in half, toss in the Oil and seasoning and roast for 12-15 minutes
  • Meanwhile liquidise your Avo & Spinach – add a dash of Oil to make it slightly more liquid’y plus some more seasoning
  • Remove the Stalks from the oven when super crispy and eat away with a little dip – you could eat them with this Sweet Potato & Aubergine number if you’d rather!

Serves: 2