2 Sweet Potato

2 Aubergine

6tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

180g Quinoa

2tbsp Tahini

Handful fresh Parsley

Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper


  • Whack the oven on to 180°C
  • Slice the Potatoes and Aubergines lengthways, each into 8 pieces. Toss in 2tbsp Oil and roast for 45 mins
  • Rinse the Quinoa in a sieve with cold water then place in a pan with double the amount of cold water
  • Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes, until it’s al-dente
  • In a bowl, mix the remaining Oil, Tahini, Parsley and seasoning before adding the Veg and Quinoa
  • Give everything a good stir and delve in, (or you can serve this chilled)

Serves: 6