The Wellness-Summit* was put on by FoodMatters, serious SFSHeroes & whose work we are BIG fans of – #Here’sOneWeDidEarlier.

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Ten days of Talks – the most important?

Easy. Day 9. Sugar. Which involved an interview with the legendary IQS hero Sarah Wilson as well as a documentary (Sugar Blues) based on a Czech couple who start questioning their health & that of their children.

S.W. – a lesson or two

Sarah Wilson developed an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Disease, #BadNews, and after discovering that sugar was a major stressor on the Thyroid gland decided to give the nasty white stuff the boot, #Legend #LaterzFructose. Her message is clear, give it up, go cold turkey (for at least 8 weeks), head up that #SugarFreePath and when/if you have that odd piece of office Christmas Party cake then fret not – just get back on the right path afterwards.

Learn: what’s in your food, where it comes from, and where you find that often disguised, nasty stuff, Fructose – that 50% part of Sucrose we do nattt like.

Arsenic, Petroleum & Sugar Cane?

The above, all three are totally ‘natural’ – does that mean they’re good for us and OK to consume? NOOOO absolutely not, and guess what, Fructose comes from Sugar cane, and that, when dumped on our livers in big doses is what makes our Liver #FreakOut causing our body to treat it like a toxin & as a result increasing our visceral fat cells in an attempt to protect our organs from this toxin #LessFructoseForUsPlease.

Is there any good news?

YES – fruit is absolutely ON the list, despite containing Fructose #TheThingWe’reTryingToAvoid – why? Because along with all of the fibre and liquid you have in a whole piece of fruit, the hit on the liver is no way near as intense, so a low concentration = the body can deal with it #Phew.

More good news – surely not?!

Giving up Sugar will improve your skin, reduce those pimples & wrinkles and it will take your taste buds a mere two weeks to recalibrate, #GoodbyeSugarHelloLooker.

But is Fructose really THAT bad?

Sadly it is – it spikes our insulin which causes us to overeat and eventually only worsens the obesity epidemic that we as a nation have found ourselves in. Our Ghrelin (hungry hormone) and Leptin (full-hormone) cycle goes out of whack, meaning that we can just eat and eat and eat.

Key foods to be wary of?

Low fat products – where the flavour is nearly always replaced with sugar, sauces, dressings, Asian / Thai / Vietnamese restaurants. The non-negotiable foods = Fast Food & Polyunsaturated Oils, #RulesAreRules, #SozGuyz.

A note on curbing cravings;

Eat more saturated fat: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Grass fed Butter, Coconut products, Avocados. Have proper meals – sit down, don’t rush, enjoy and savour your creations – fill your plates with lots of Veg, Protein and Fat #EatFatGetThin.

Our take away;

Get COOKING at home – it is therapeutic, satisfying, incredibly easy, and is THE best way to get a group of people together, to nourish oneself #FromTheInsideOut and importantly to save those $$$ – #ForShizzle. Believe it or not, it is so much cheaper than eating out – so go to your local market, visit your local butcher & starting using that pimp knife collection, that sexy le Creuset set and turn that hob UP.

*FYI – this weekend (8th – 10th April) the Summit is open for a further 24hrs, #FreeOfCharge – so get viewing.