Mr. Mark

To say we are fans of this mega baybe, is quite frankly, a major understatement. This American, family practising, Doctor has taught us a lot – from #FearNotTheFat to (another) #HaterOfSeedOils – he’s totes the fountain of healthy knowledge we reference and refer to when attempting to unearth fact from fiction as we embark on this Sugar Free journey – it’s safe to say: we bloomin #LoveMarky.

His website is freakin fantastic – full of Nutritional Information – and his mission: to tackle the root causes of chronic disease by harnessing the power of Functional Medicine to transform healthcare. He has published tonnes of videos about studies that have been carried out and the results / effects / truths that we need to know. We watched a few – and have popped a couple of key stats below. 

1) Are My Genes Making Me Fat and Sick?

  • There are only 32 genes that could potentially lead to Obesity – EVEN if you did have all 32 (v. unlikely) that would only equate to 22lbs in extra weight #SkinnyGenesNotDeterminedByJeans
  • Cocaine & Heroin produce a Dopamine reaction in our brain and guess what? Refined Carbs & Sugar also produce a Dopamine reaction in our brain
  • #TarredWithTheSameBrush #Let’sNotGetAddicted

2) The Secret Fat that Makes You Thin

  • MCTs (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) are; Anti-Oxidant / great for the Immune System / Appetite controlling / Metabolism boosters / Super fuels for your cells
  • Coconut Oil is where you’re likely to find your MCTs (60-65%) #InANutShell – we LOVE Coconuts (even more than we did before)

3) 7 Strategies to Reverse Infertility

  • 1 in 7 couples (State side) have infertility
  • PCOS is not an Ovarian problem in women, but a nutritional one – predominantly too many Carbs & too much Sugar – and not enough fat #EatFatGetThin
  • Taking supplements & changing diets in men can increase sperm count & optimise fertility #MoreSpinachEqualsMoreSperm

4) 10 Strategies to Prevent and Treat Breast Cancer

  • Cut down on sugar – cancer cells feed off sugar
  • Increase your fibre intake
  • Avoid antibiotics (unless absolutely necessary – consult a Doctor, obvi)
  • Detoxify (where you can): look out for the dirty dozen & clean fifteen, go organic, check your skin products, drink that H2O after it’s been filtered

5) Why Oil is Bad for You

  • According to Marky our Omega 6/Omega 3 balance has gone totally out of whack – we eat too much of the former and not enough of the latter
  • Omega 6 AKA seed Oils AKA the not so good fat fuels the inflammatory pathways in our bodies (described by Dr. Axe as the root cause of most diseases we see today)
  • Veg & Seed Oils = Polyunsaturated Fats = highly refined = highly processed. Don’t touch’em – go with Oils that protect your brain & heart ~ Avocado Oil / Coconut Oil / Olive Oil & Grass Fed Butter

6) Is Meat Good or Bad for You?

  • We’re inundated with studies about Meat & the negative effects that it can have on us – right?
  • This video highlights all the other rubbish that is consumed, alongside the meat, when most of these ‘studies’ are written, i.e. lots of Sugar / Carbs / Alcohol and not very much Fruit / Fibre / Vegetables
  • Mark’s take: eat less but eat some, and when you do; go organic, go grass-fed, use long, slow, low temperature cooking methods and load UP on the Veggies #SFSLoveVeg

7) Always Hungry? Here’s Why

  • Watch the above video, then watch DL – the scientist behind the study discussed

8) Can Being Toxic Make Me Fat?

  • Detoxification is a natural process that constantly occurs in our bodies #GrrreatNews
  • We are surrounded by thousands of chemicals on a daily basis – they’re impossible to avoid, so his advice; reduce your exposure ~ go Organic, drink lots of H2O, eat lots of Fibre & Magnesium, work up a sweat – get moving, eat lots of cruciferous Veggies, use Turmeric, ensure you’re getting enough supplements & live #Clean&Green