The UK budget, announced on Wednesday 16th March, MOST importantly included the introduction of a Sugar Tax – effective from next year. We took a look at the spellbinding 148 page budget and took down a few notes…

The Obesity Outline

The UK are looking fairlyyy screwed when it comes to childhood obesity, 1 in 10 are obese when STARTING primary school – which unsurprisingly then goes up. 80% of those between the ages of 10 and 14 who are obese go on to become obese adults, no big surprise there. The numbers are #SoOutOfControl that this Obesity pandemic is costing the UK taxpayer, that’s you and me, £27 bill. FYI that is 27 thousand million, we’re talking 27,000,000,000 #ALotOfZeros.

Fizz’i’licious Beverages

Sadly, for those of you who are fans of the Fizzy-Fanta, Vimmy-Vimto, Popping-Pepsi, Spritely-Sprite or an Ice-Cold Irn-Bru, these bad boys are the biggest source of dietary sugar for children and teenagers. Therefore, a levy of either 18p or 24p (based on whether the total grammage of sugar is above 5 or 8 per 100ml) will be added to these #CansOfCandy.


Dollar Dollar Dollar (£520 Mill to be precise)

The money raised through this levy will be put back into the Education system – ramping up the sporting activities offered, improving the quality of the sporting facilities and funding breakfast clubs (I mean who doesn’t love the idea of a B.C.?) in 1,600 schools to ensure more children have a nutritious breakfast as a healthy start to their school day. #DreamsCanComeTrue.

Some Big Dogs and the Big E-Petition

We gotta say – we LOVVVE Jamie Oliver – who was as jubilant as we were on discovering the Budget news. He started the #SugarTax Parliamentary Petition and after gaining 155,516 signatures the House of Commons eventually stopped sugarcoat’ing this undeniable crisis in creating a levy #TheBeginningOfALongJourneyToBetterHealth #HonkHonk.

We must also give a quick shout out to our fave friends across the globe in Aus, the I Quit Sugar team keep the Aussie’s more up to date on UK antics that our own Government – and it’s safe to say this team were pretty joyful to hear the sweet news as well.

Not forgetting the NHS CEO Mr. Simon Stevens, the SFS #CurrentCrush, who very kindly summed up this little predicament that we have found ourselves in with; #SugarIsTheNewSmoking.

Need we say more?

Oh, yes, George’y’Boy – you’re our Number 2 #CurrentCrush.

George Osborne pointing