4 Organic Salmon Fillets

2tsp Coconut Oil

3 Carrots

½ Celeriac (skin off)

200g Mangetout

Juice of 2 Lemons

3tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Handful Dill

4tbsp Sesame Seeds

Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper


  • Whack the oven on to 180°C
  • Pop the Salmon on a roasting tray with ½tsp Coconut Oil on each fillet, add a dash of Salt and Pepper, and roast for 12 minutes
  • Meanwhile slice/grate/mandolin the Carrots & Celeriac, and finely slice the Mangetout into matchstick pieces
  • Cover the Veg with Lemon juice, Olive Oil & finely sliced Dill
  • Dry fry the Sesame Seeds for 3/4 minutes until beginning to turn golden & remove from the heat
  • When the Salmon is cooked through (peel off the skin put back in the oven for 15 mins and use as a topping) gently dip the fish into the seeds, covering every edge
  • Serve sliced or whole with your salad

Serves: 4