Michael Pollan – #Smooth-Headed-Swooooon.

MP, the latest #SFSCrush – his 4 part Netflix series was a mega hit with us, from petrol stations to Monosodium Glutamate (aka MSG aka #MoreishSeductiveGrossness) to a delightful Cheese making Nun (& Microbiologist) – MP covers a lot of (gourmet) ground and here’s a few things we picked up on through Earth, Air, Fire & Water;

Time Time Time

We as humans have apparently run out of time, so much so that it now makes sense for us to buy food – yes food that we ingest and live off – from a petrol station, SAY WHATTT? The place where we fuel & fix our car, that mechanical object that we operate with foot pedals, is now also fuelling the human body, that sophisticated bio-computer that operates from the inside out depending on what we put inside it, surely not? Thinking about it really does make you question humankind and #NotInAGoodWay.

Canned Foods

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that, in general, canned products – those dehydrated oober-long shelf life ‘goods’ – are probs not great for our health. YET, this is what corporations thrive off – they love combining cheap raw rank ingredients with tonnes of salt and sugar and slimy sinful rubbish (quite literally) – because when this perfectly concocted chemical can of ‘stuff’ is consumed it causes a mega dopamine response in the brain (that pretty dope neurotransmitter which control’s our reward and pleasure centre). We’re talking spikes and crashes, we’re talking addiction, and that addiction = $$$ for the corporations selling it.

Talking of cans – let’s talk Soda

Fizzy drinks are sexy, delicious & bubbly, correct? Fizzy drinks are advertised everyyywhere – and those adverts look great – with guyz & galz constantly surrounded by fit women, hunky men, people lol’ing on the beach, bikini bodies and so many friends. Laughter, smiles and joyous people just ‘sipping on a can of pop’ – well WAIT A MINUTE, that is hardly correct?

Fizzy drinks are addictive, they’re engineered to satisfy our cravings, they effect our brain #NotInAGoodWay and have ZERO nutritional value – so how are the above adverts even legal? Watch this and all hail Kira – she’s a legend.

Demonising and Praising

We lurrrve to demonise one nutrient and in parallel praise another. In the 60s and 70s it was demonising fat (which we now know has basically no evidence behind it – and in fact is essential to any healthy human), then it was carbs, then it was gluten, then it was dairy. These fads come and go – and the only people who do well here are the big, bad, food corporations – whatever the consumer wants, we get. Suddenly everything is fat/carb/gluten/dairy free – and as ever when something is removed, in order to make it remotely palatable, the void is filled with something addictive, and sure, that was and is usually our fave enemy – sugar – once again #LaterzFructose.

Cooking = Alchemy

Food is a little bit magical, you add one thing to it and it is transformed, you add bacteria & it ferments (just quickly – did ya know ⅓ of the foods we eat are fermented – yoghurt*, cheese, kefir, sourdough bread, crème fraiche, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi and our fave the cacao bean – which all affect our natural gut microbiome #InAGoodWay), you add heat and it softens (usually), you add air and it (might) rise or you could add liquid & a dash of heat and it will absorb it. It truly is bloomin’ marvellous – which is why we can’t get enough of it. We gotta start doing more cooking, looking after ourselves from the inside out and as one of our major heroes says: JERF.

Cooking is selfless, inclusive, delicious & nourishing. Need we say more? Check it out: Cooked On Netflix.

*We’re obvi talking full-fat / fructo-free variants.