Fed Up

The Overview?

A team of Doctors / Journo’s and Health Experts have collaborated to address the obesity crisis State Side and shockingly the role that the food industry & corporations play in aggravating it further – obvi linking the excess consumption of processed and, you guessed it, sugary foods to this pandemic. #AMustSeeDocumentary – but if you haven’t quite got the time, fret not – we’ve picked up on the best bits;

The intro:

As ever, with these mega informative/mind boggling docu’s they hit you where it hurts, the fact-packed extravaganza includes some gut wrenching stats, like the fact that in the US 8yr olds are having Strokes and 20yr olds are having heart attacks, these are non-genetically linked instances and are the result of obesity. In the 20 years from 1980 Type II diabetes went from zero to FIFTY SEVEN THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND THIRY EIGHT, #NotCool – and this is just the beginning.

Cocaine, Junk Food & Money…?

– Out of the 600,000 food items in the US, 80% of them have added sugar. So cleaning those supermarket shelves of all sugar rammed foods would leave with you with 20% worth of stocked shelves. If that doesn’t shock ya we don’t know what will.

– 43 cocaine-addicted rats were given the choice of sugar or cocaine – and guess what – 40 out of the 43 rats opted for the sugar solution over the cocaine solution when offered the choice of the two

– Over 80% of high schools in the US operate under exclusive contracts with soda companies – and guess what, they bring in their vending machines, their ready meals that come vac-packed and pretty much zero fresh produce is incorporated – we say go J.O. (another mega #SFSHero) on his continual mission to educate the spring chickens.

Fat = Fat Right? Errrr, not so much…

Over the years, we as consumers have taken for granted that what we’re told and have been told is a given, correct? So a low-fat yoghurt is just splendid, and skimmed milk has had the bad bit skimmed off – phew – and margarine is sweet’n (super) low in fat, therefore wayyy better for us than butter, right? #NotSoMuch. Sadly the Ancel Keys publication from the 50’s – where he concluded that a high-fat diet caused heart disease – was slightly flawed. And this is what many of our food habits have been based on over the past 60 years – #OhJeeez – however, this does mean that high fat and low sugar is SOOO 2016.

Advertising – we vote change

Children’s exposure to junk food adverts went up by 60% from 2008 – 2010, potentially not a big deal UNTIL you find out that when food commercials were shown, these young’uns are subconsciously inclined to eat 40% more snacks, compared to no food commercials being viewed. We better have a word with some fast-food chains and junk food co’s.

Another point that realllly needs to be addressed – the checkout area of stores/supermarkets – WHY oh WHY is it always rammed with junk food covered in cartoon characters? We’re talking movie heroes / toys and carnival features that plaster so-called ‘Happy Meals’ (oh plllease) & cereal boxes – this has to change – we vote #MinionsOnMushrooms, #BarbieOnBroccoli, #SpongeBobOnSmoothies, #PepperPigOnPeas&Parnsips & #PrincessAilsaOnAvo’s.

The Wrap

Soda is compared to the 21st century version of Tobacco in the 50’s – when the industry fervently denied any direct link between smoking and lung cancer (#TheyWished) – much like the corporations of today who believe that their products are ‘part of a healthy balanced diet’. This is clearly not the case, there needs to be a major swing in the root cause of this problem or else;

  • 95% of all Americans will be overweight in two decades
  • By 2050 one in three will have diabetes

At present 75% of healthcare dollar goes to treat chronic metabolic disease, this will only get worse, who said anything about a deficit?