The outline?

6 British celebs move to a farm in Hampshire – a Sugar Free Farm – for two weeks to embark on a (drum-rollll) Sugar Free ‘detox’, meaning no Honey, Sweets, Chocolates, Jams, Refined Carbs, Processed Foods, Biscuits, Cakes, Fizzy Pops, Cordials, Alcohol or Fruit – say what? Fruit – surely not? Fret not, this is only during week 1 – in an attempt to retrain their sweet-addictive taste buds.

Sounds like a piece of (sugar-free) cake no? Well, not quite…

The syrupy story & the celebs behind SFF?

The house comprises of Jen / James / Jane / Mark / Tupele & Rory. On a normal day Jen doesn’t stop for lunch so thinks that eating a curlywurly and copious cans of coke is an ok substitute. James (aka Arg from TOWIE) is gagging for a 6-pack. Mark’s habits include him ‘pouring’ chocolate into his mouth from a cup on an average day (consuming more than 1kg of sugar a week, #GoodEffortMark) and Jane lives off ready meals. On average they, and the general public (sorry to drop you in this guyz and galz), are consuming 60kg of sugar EACH a year, that’d be just over 4,200 tbsp a year #Yikes.

Let’s have some stats?

Throughout the series we see some FULL-ON mood swings, some very weak workers (we’re talking half the pace of normal farm workers with whom the celebs go farming) and we even have a medical intervention as Jen suffers from a migraine/neck pains/nausea & achy bones #Ouchy – all because of her withdrawal from sugar (we know, staggering hey?). We learn that sugar tests on rats have proven that sugar is more addictive than cocaine, and that the best way to cut it out = going cold turkey – sounds to me like you better get creating some #SFSDelights?

FYI – a commercial white loaf contains (gulp) 7 teaspoons of sugar & your average jar of pickle has between 17-20 teaspoons, #JoseyGrosey.

Fruit, Fruit, Glorious Fruit

At the beginning of week two fruit is re-introduced to the celebs, the taste is savoured and they, surprise surprise, can’t get over how sweet the fruit tastes, HURRAY! And don’t forget – they eat it in its whole form – pulp and fibre in-situ, have a look here if you’ve forgotten why that is oober important.

A fairy-tale ending (well, nearly)

Come the end of week two they are presented with an array of cakes, sweets and biscuits to try – five refrain entirely from consuming anything, Rory has a sniff of cider and thinks that even that tastes too ludicrously sweet.

6 weeks down the line;

Jane; cooks from scratch everyday & even has her hubby on the sugar-free bandwagon #GottaLoveJane

Mark; his wife has chucked away all of his ice cream and chocolate from the house #GoMark’sWife

Tupele; she’s lost 11 pounds & her skin is looking #Reem

Rory; he’s lost 9 pounds & has remained sugar free #Legend

Arg; he has fallen OFF the bandwagon in a big way #NoWillPowerArg

Jen; she hasn’t had one can of coke since she left the farm #WinnerWinnerCokeFreeDinner

The Verdict;

5/6 celebs have stuck to their guns and quit sugar, SFS LOVE SFF.