David Gillespie, (DG for short), is kind of a big deal in our eyes, most our initial knowledge comes from this #TotalLegenddd, so in advance, thanks Dave 😉 we owe you one – you lawyer come sugar guru.

The big picture?

DG sets out the stats, he goes deep, deeper than we thought we could handle, but we survived and came out the other side, knowing quite a lot about; hormones / the body’s reactions to sucrose / the enzymes that break stuff down / the glucose transporters in our bodies / how insulin ACTUALLY works / and most importantly – how sugar affects us – our brains, our bodies and our hormones (which, fyi, relate to A LOT of what goes on inside us – besides sex).

Glucose / Galactose / Fructose – aka basic SUGAR

Just to refresh the memory – table sugar aka sucrose = 50% glucose, 50% fructose.

Anyway, the ‘ose words – these are what the body breaks food down in to, BUT, to note, Glucose is the hero here. Glucose fuels our brain, and is pretty much the ONLY sugar that keeps us going from 9 til’ 5 – basically most of the foods we eat are converted to Glucose. The Galactose comes from Lactose (aka dairy) and the Fructose that we consume (in minimalll quantities) from Fruit and Veg is absorbed in the Small Intestine (and in the Testes – yes, Fruit and Veg help sperm swim Ladies and Gentlemen – but this CLEARLY does not mean men require additional sources of fructose, they get plentyyy from a regular (plant based) diet).

Major points of interest?

Juicing – DG is not a fan, you may as well drink a glass of water with some dissolved sugar and a teat pipette full of Vit. C. With no fibre in that succulent glass of, well, watery liquid, there is not much to slow down or counteract the effect of that fructose.

To explain: let’s take a glass of delicious and nutritious apple juice, this contains the juice from five apples, but wait – how often do you sit down and eat five apples at once? The bulk/fibre is there for a reason – don’t abandon it. #NotSoNutritious&DeliciousAnymore.

Appetite Control – Fructose bypasses this completely (#ThatGeniusSwine) – the hormones that are normally triggered (CCK/Insulin/Ghrelin) are sent out of whack – they will continue to tell you you’re hungry because they haven’t registered that you are in fact (potentially) FULL – #FullOfTheNotSoNutritiousStuff.

Weight Gain – Consuming 32kg of sugar a year = 14.2kg body fat (the wobbly stuff no one wants to carry around). This equates to 10g of extra body fat in every 275ml can of fizzy pop #UhOh. And whilst we’re on the topic of fizzy beverages, fyi – drinking one can of the fizzy stuff also increases your risk of Type II Diabetes by 67%, SIXTY SEVEN that is. Better stick to the soda water.

Immunity – Your White Blood Cells’ ability to fight off nasty heinous holiday type bugs is dramatically weakened after a dose of fructose – that’s why the queue at the Doctor’s is so tedious at Easter & during Halloween/Holiday season (now that makes sense doesn’t it?).

The Dried Fruit Topic – A fairly meaningless and nutritious handful of raisons, circa 40, equates to the total sugar found in 130 grapes – say WHAT?! Now don’t tell me you normally eat 130 grapes in one sitting? And that’d be another reason we don’t love shop bought granolas & mueslis that have no ‘added sugar’ but are in fact rammed with dried fruit – better get cooking: Go-To-Granola.

To Summarise:

DG provides a multitude of stats and figures confirming;

  • The addictive properties of sugar, which involves a cycle of mild pleasure followed by withdrawal, which in turn is relieved by more mild pleasure.
  • That a high fructose diet leads to high abdominal fat – a definitive sign of heart attack and constant high blood sugar levels.
  • That consistently high blood sugar levels provide a perfect environment for cancer growth and is related to anxiety / polycystic ovary syndrome and dementia.

Before going on to state a few rules, which are #NotToBeBroken according to DG;

  • DON’T SNACK ON SUGAR #Understood
  • THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOOD SUGAR #OnlyNaughtySugarApparently!

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