1 Broccoli

2 Eggs


Pink Himalayan Salt & Pepper

50g Buckwheat Flour

Cherry Tomatoes

Chilli Flakes

Rocket / Spinach


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C
  • Cut the florets off the Broccoli and put them into a blender, but KEEP the stalk for another day – it’s yum! Blend the Broccoli until very finely diced
  • Add in the Flour, 1 Egg, a dash of Paprika & Salt and Pepper
  • Whizz again and spread out on a lined roasting tray in a pizza shape. Roast for 20 minutes – (it should start turning brown around the edges)
  • Take out and scatter with halved Cherry Tomatoes, an Egg and lots of chilli flakes
  • Bake for another 12 minutes (until your egg is just-so), scatter with Rocket / Spinach & devour

Serves: 2 or 4, depending on hunger