Hungry For Change


A 1 hour Food-Nutrition-Docu, we loved it and here’s a few facts we picked up on – thanks to James and Laurentine – #SFSHeroes;

Weight Loss

More than $60bill is spent each year on diet and weight loss products in the US alone – yet we’re getting ill’er, weaker & fatter. So what’re we doing so wrong?! Welllll : –

Sugar & Sweeteners

The average American consumes 150lb of sugar & sweeteners each year, sugar being to the average human what cocaine is to your average drug user (we love this white powder analogy, cheers FMTV) – averaging out at 22tsp per day of SUGAR – and we know why that ain’t good for us; SFS The Intro.

Food ‘like’ Products – aka NOT food

We eat ‘things’ that taste and smell so bloomin’ delicious, we eat ‘stuff’ that has a long shelf life – yet at the same time we’re starving #OnANutritionalBasis. We remain hungry – because our cells aren’t getting any nutrients, #TheWorldHasGoneCrazy, #EatFoodNotProducts.

Addiction – MSG & free glutamates

The reason ‘things’ & ‘stuff’ taste so delish is usually due to MSG & free glutamates – which are used to enhance flavour in 80% of processed foods… WOWZAZ, and guess what? MSG (that addictive and brain stimulating Tasting Powder) has over FIFTY different names, #WeVoteNakedLabellingPlease.

MSG & Mice, say what?

When Scientists work on obese animals in labs they need to fatten these animals up (physically) in the first place, because naturally they’re not obese. In order to make these rats & mice fatty-boomba’s, Scientists feed them MSG – yes – they actually feed them MSG in order to get them to their ‘optimal weight’ before they carry out their experiments to potentially explain ‘obesity’, #OhTheIrony.

Addiction – Sweeteners

Really kindly, Coca Cola have brought out loads of ‘diet’ & ‘sugar-free’ bevvies, YEY, or is it? To make them palatable they have combined Caffeine with Aspartame, aka #TheDeadlyCombo. Sadly Aspartame is known to cause: formaldehyde build up in the brain / migraines / frontal lobe inflammation / visual disturbances / cognitive problems and if you’re still not convinced; Pilots – yes those total legends that fly our snazzy aeroplanes – won’t drink them because of the known negative effects they have on vision #FlyingWithoutAspartame.

Fructose, well mainly HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

Our absolute FAVE topic here at SFS HQ, your average US citizen consumes 79lbs of HFCS & 150lbs sugar a year = on average 22tsp sugar a day – #GULP. Bad news guys, it’s now known HFCS causes; diabetes, obesity, liver failure, tooth decay – the list goes on and it’s not pleasant. HCFS is like jet fuel in a car: you get an incredible rush, it lasts momentarily and you want it again and again – but at the end of the day it just ruins your car body #SorryToBeTheBearerOfBadNews #Again.

The Wrap

  • Eat your Phytonutrients (5 Veg / 2 Fruit) #PhytOrFlight.
  • Eat fermented foods #SavourTheSauerkraut.
  • If you’re upset, don’t eat, you’re trying to fill a void that food is unlikely to fill.
  • Share the Love #SFSLoveLove.
  • Ask yourself; Where is my food from? What went into my food? What is my intention with that food?